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Amusement Park Rides MDMC24

Product Description: Motorcycle Teenager

Working power: 380V/50HZ

Maximum power: 14KW

Rated load: 24riders (including children)

Machine size: 11m in diameter

Equipment height: 7m

Motor power: 5.5KW

Operating speed: 1. 88pm

Floor area: (fence) diameter 1m

Running time: adjustable running time and speed

Model No:
Contact Phone Number:
+86 17719879585 / +86-371-69191685


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  • Specification
    • Product DescriptionMotorcycle Teenager
    • Working power380V/50HZ
    • Maximum power14KW
    • Rated load24riders
    • Machine size11m in diameter
    • Equipment height7m
    • Motor power5.5KW
    • Operating speed1.88pm
    • Floor areadiameter 1m
    • Goods Detail
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